L’Indexation à l’aide des images et l’accessibilité via des OPACs imagétiques

GERiiCO Axe4 Séminaire d'axes
Université de Lille, campus de pont de bois, Maison de la Recherche (salle F0.13)

Titre : "L’Indexation à l’aide des images et l’accessibilité via des OPACs  imagétiques"

Title : "Indexing with images:  accessibility via  imaged  OPACs"

Intervenant(s) : Marcilio DE BRITO

Résumé : This presentation describes an indexing methodology processed  by images.  The  proposition  based on F. Saussure’s semiology and Ch. S. Peirce’s semiotics theory  shows how the traditional indexing mechanisms are related to the words of natural  languages, lexicon, discourse and in terminology used to represent document contents. Indexing processes are though analysed under the perspective of the sign both as a word and as image to show the links between litteral and imagetic universes. We will focus on  Peirce’s logic of image description in its simplified triad form of icon, index and symbol. In this  context some examples are given in order   to represent imaged OPACs interfaces and the symbolic graphic chart of documents. Finally, the principles of content representation described above are used to establish the reversed procedure of indexing by images  methodology based on Bertin’s (1970) studies addressing the intensional image construction principles.

Keywords: Knowledge organisation,  Indexing by images,  Imaged OPAC,  Semiotic,  Semiology,  Accessibility

Contact Widad Mustafa El Hadi 

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