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Titre : Forum Doctoral EU/AF des iSchools


Nous avons le plaisir d'annoncer la tenue du  Forum Doctoral EU/AF des iSchools  les 15-16 avril dans lequel trois de nos doctorants ont été acceptés pour présenter leurs travaux.

Pour rappel, l’inscription au Forum est obligatoire et payante.


Gendered Information Landscapes and Their Impact on Routes Into and Through Apprenticeships - Maria Cecil PhD candidate, School of Computing, Engineering & Built Environment, Edinburgh Napier University, United Kingdom 

Awareness of predatory publishing among research communities in Italy - Silvia Maccarini, PhD candidate in “Library Science: Archives and Libraries in the Digital Environment”, University of Carlos III, Madrid (UC3M) - Spain (EU). 

Towards a Probabilistic Interactive Video Training Tool for Emergency Medical Services - Romain Christian Herault, PhD candidate, Computer Science and Media Technology, Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden Linnaeus University, Sweden (EU)

AI: Challenges and solutions for the ethical design, development and management of artificial intelligence systems - Koba Pascal Ohounlome, PhD candidate Geriico & iSchool University of Lille, France (EU) 

The Evolution of Health Data Governance in the Era of Artificial Intelligence: Issues, Ethical Challenges, and Multidisciplinary Perspectives - Mayi Marlene Nikabou, PhD candidate Geriico & iSchool University of Lille, France (EU) 

Evaluation of knowledge organization systems, cultural and ethical dimensions - Joël Rusquart, PhD candidate Geriico & iSchool University of Lille, France (EU) 

Le programme détaillé ainsi que les résumés des communications sont disponibles dans les ressources liées. 

Contact : Widad Mustafa El Hadi 

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