Projet "Seaweed as sustainable source for healthy foods"

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Seaweed as sustainable source for healthy foods

Titre : Seaweed as sustainable source for healthy foods

Durée : 12 mois (du 01/01/2023 au 31/12/2023)

Résumé : The purpose is to build a consortium and write a Horizon Europe application for 2024. The topic is on the use of seaweed as sustainable source for healthy foods, which matches with a topic in the published Cluster 6 work programme: ‘HORIZON-CL6-2024- FARM2FORK-01-2: New healthy and sustainable food products and processes’.
The current consortium aims at covering multiple aspects of the seaweed food chain, from supply to consumer demand, covering technological aspects of food products (KU Leuven), food safety aspects at seaweed level (UGent) and circulation of knowledge about seaweeds as food (ULille) as well as demand-generation through marketing (UKent). The different aspects are interconnected which highlights the need for a multidisciplinary and whole food chain approach. The final goal is to elevate the use of seaweed in the European and British market by incorporating seaweed into heathy food products, with a stable shelf-life and good appearance, which are appreciated well by the consumer.
From each of the different regions, external partners will be involved: the Flemish clusters Flanders’ FOOD (tbc) and Blue Cluster; the French Clubster Nutrition Santé Longevité and Aquimer. Next to that, University of applied sciences VIVES will enlarge the expertise on product development. Industrial players and other external partners will be identified and selected from the network or targeted from outside, during the project itself.

Contacts : Simona De Iulio,

Partenariats : KU Leuven, Université de Gand, University of Kent