Projet MIAM

Projet national

Maladie, interactions, alimentation, médicaments 2ème dépôt

Titre : Maladie, interactions, alimentation, médicaments   2ème dépôt

Durée : 48 mois 

Date de début et de fin : 01/01/2017 - 31/12/2020

Résumé : Given the huge amount of unstructured data in bibliographic databases, but also the development of open knowledge bases, accessing the knowledge they contain require to have a global view of multiple heterogeneous sources of information. To achieve this purpose, the MIAM project aims at proposing methods which rely on Natural Language Processing and text mining but also knowledge representation and modeling, in order to aggregate those data and knowledge coming from knowledge bases, Linked Open Data, scientific articles with research results, etc. To evaluate the results of the project in a real use case, the MIAM project focuses on the interactions existing between drugs and food which might lead to an adverse drug event. Indeed, such information is currently fragmented and scattered over heterogeneous sources. Aggregating this information will help to formalize and visualize the description of these interactions for avoiding such adverse events.

Contact (s) : Éric Kergosien 

Partenariat (s) : Bordeaux, STL, LIMSI, ANTIDOT,  CNHIM