Projet FoodIVE

Projet international

Exploring Food Insecurity and Vulnerability in the Cross-Channel Euroregion: the case of Ghent, coastal north Kent and Lille

Titre : Projet FoodIVE 

Date de début et de fin : 15/08/2021 - 31/03/2022

Résumé : The purpose of the project is to explore the forms of food insecurity and vulnerability in different urban and spatial contexts of the Cross-Channel Euroregion (Ghent, coastal north Kent, Lille). We are interest in studying the challenges of formal and informal initiatives to address food insecurity and vulnerability as revealed by the social, political and economic impacts of the pandemic and ongoing austerity measures.

Three interdisciplinary and international two-days-workshops will be scheduled in Ghent, Medway and Lille. Each workshop will be organised in three parts: 1) presentation of the work of the host university's team with interests in matters of food, inequality, poverty and community in the region; 2) visit to local community growing spaces to experience the uses of formal and informal urban sites for the production and sourcing of food and meeting with actors carrying out initiatives to address food insecurity and vulnerability in light of the pandemic; 3) reflections on the workshop and next steps for the partnership.

Approximately 30 participants will attend each workshop (e.g. project members and collaborating university researchers and students, representatives of local authorities and civic associations).

Contact (s) : Simona De Iulio